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  • Ackah & Sarpong Limited (ASL) is most diversified company localized in Ghana in the West Africa region. Ackah & Sarpong Limited is well known for its excellent business practices, services and products’ quality. The company has it operational headquarters in the bustling metropolis of Accra- Spintex, Ghana in West Africa. Our company has a stable infrastructure that support optimal distribution of products and services at the most economic terms to its customers. Ackah & Sarpong Limited approach to business is highly consumer oriented – delivering the best quality product and services at the most economic pricing. Ackah & Sarpong Limited is growing phenomenally in Ghana in all the sectors where it operates and has drawn up ambitious plans to set up world-class projects in new realms such as Agriculture, Petroleum Refinery and Health.


  • To be World Class company through pioneering global best practices and playing an integral role in achieving the world’s unlimited potential.


Ackah & Sarpong Limited adopted and implemented certain values across its organization that is followed steadfastly:

  • Be customer centric
  • Strictly adhere to ethical and moral values
  • Be proactive to business needs
  • Nurture a spirit of dynamism across the company
  • Ackah & Sarpong Limited has adopted a code of ethics for all of its executives and employees, which is aimed at promoting honest and ethical behavior and ensures compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Ackah & Sarpong Limited has stringent internal practices in place to ensure that the group’s various companies operate as good corporate citizens in the respective jurisdictions.
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